How Do YOU Start a Business during COVID-19???

So the Corona Virus has shifted much of the way we live, including how we do business and what kind of business we can do. As a property manager with a commercial cleaning and property management company I can say this time has been very interesting. It has created a space for creativity and a time for thinking.

I started my business with less than nothing (meaning my bank account was in the negative at times).

But I don't want to sound like a cliche or every other person trying to pitch something. So what I am going to do is start telling you what I did and what I know.

First things first I have had several other businesses. Some of those businesses did ok and others well...let's just say I'm not exactly a quitter but I know when to put something on hold until a later time.

I distinctly remember wanting to be a landlord and own lots of properties, like Monopoly, after reading 'Guide to Investing' by Robert Kiyosaki. But I had NO idea how to do that with NO money and below average credit. So I did the next logical thing. I joined what I used to call an investment group based on Robert Kiyosaki's book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Over the years I have come full circle to some of my experiences but the desire to be an entrepreneur and own property has never left.

The biggest issue I thought I had was NO MENTOR and NO MONEY. I made a LOT of mistakes and still do. I am hoping by sharing what I know it can help you or someone you know. So I will start with the first lesson or the most important thing you want to know: "How do you Start a Business during COVID-19??"

That's easy...YOU have to WANT to.

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