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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

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As per usual I have been MIA on all marketing fronts. To be honest I have been brainstorming and trying to collaborate on restructuring Trinahty Property Management BUT the CORONA VIRUS has forced an opportunity for me to say something. No, not an opportunity a NeEd to say something.

I am now 47 (which we’ll talk about later via email) and have lived through a lot of emergencies, disasters and even viruses. Some things have affected me directly and some have given me distant concerns. But I always had a cushion or a plan or strategy to help temporarily get through and maintain life as usual.

Well this is DIFFERENT. I am sensing so many negative affects to our normal way of living. With non-essential business being forced to be shut down (movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys, etc) and other forms of entertainment only being accessible minimally (restaurants, some retail stores, malls, etc) this is significantly more than just temporarily affecting us.

I still can’t find toilet paper anywhere, what’s up with that? I now can find clorox wipes, a small amount of paper towels (limited to 2 per customer) and lawn chairs on the shelfs where paper products used to be. (Sorry I got a bit side tracked.)

As a small business owner who was already in transition there is a strong concern from my clients (gyms) that if they are forced to be closed for too long they may not be able to open back up. Businesses are allowing people leeway on paying bills late. People that are able to are asked to work from home and those that still need to go in need to find an alternative for childcare as ALL schools are closed until further notice (that’s not cheap by the way).

If you are freelance or 1099 and you are not able to work then you, like me are in an even scarier situation. You have no idea how you will make enough money to pay your bills or how to get new clients or when you can try to recuperate (ie: nail salons, hair stylists, athletics, etc). This is a significantly scarier time then even the recession. The recession was horrible but it fell in line with things we have seen before and recuperated from. Children were still in school and it was the launch of the entrepreneurial era. Which after this is probably over.

I figured all the would be entrepreneurs would eventually fade back to the workforce over time but this will easily force the strongest into doing the thing that seems logical. Something I know about the economy and the world is there is always a way to make money BUT will you be able to figure it out before the ground collapses beneath you.

In the same tone there are some positive things that I have seen happening. Some things we may of unfortunately been forced into that we should of been doing anyway. Well you can’t go out to eat so you are forced to make home the place to be. I have seen some cute family activities flourishing from this time at home.

I personally have been forced to not only re-evaluate but to start taking action and can imagine so many others have been forced to do the same. Between Uber, Lyft, Online selling, part time work and seriously taking a leap into real estate I realize THIS IS THE TIME. I have been seeing whole families taking walks, several joggers and dog walkers all during business hours. We have been given the opportunity to relax, relish nature, each other and time. These are all things I think may of been taken for granted. Thank God for social media and the internet so that we still feel very connected. But I have a strong feeling the world will forever be changed after this one. Maybe I just feel that way because this is the first time in my life time anything has affected this country to this extent. I am however hopefully the changes will make us 1000 times greater.

Anyway stay safe and protected. Utilize social distancing (which we probably should of been doing anyway, I’m not a fan of uninvited people in my space #ijs) and a lot of hand washing. Make sure to disinfect your home and car. Only do things that are necessary. Pay attention to your body and your children. Know that this too shall pass and enjoy the time you have without your normal busy schedule. Call or video family and friends to say hi and check in. If you are still working, be mindful of your surroundings and all touch points. Look out for our email on Cleaning during Corona. If you are not already signed up please sign up for email alerts. We promise we won’t stalk you (unless we like you,,,#jk).

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