Candy & Broomsticks; HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Candy and Broomsticks


Happy Halloween and more importantly Happy Fall. Most people love fall after a HOT Summer, the cool air, the color changes in nature and taking a break from all those wonderful summer activities by finally relaxing...BUT wait. Does anyone come home or look at their business facility and think there are a million things that need to be done? But let me just sit down for one minute ( or week or ).

Ok this would really be creepy to see in the corner but we were also going for the Happy Halloween affect...I'm sure you

Post summer clean up and organization seems unnecessary after being so active for the last 2 to 3 months. No one is coming over, business has slowed just a bit and I’m ok with a little dust for now.

So I have compiled a list of tips to rejuvenate your battery to get ready for the next busy season HOLIDAY SEASON ( ok I’m not going to go there yet, I also need a minute ).

TIP ONE: Relax

Take a day or a week and have your own vacation, even if it’s in your own house. Having time where your brain isn’t processing and your calendar isn’t buzzing is critical to to get you back on the hype train.

We work with some great hotels (I hope it’s ok that we plug you here, I didn’t ask in advance) like the Shawmont in Ocean Grove. They are right on the beach which is so beautiful this time of the year with the AMAZING views of the ocean. Ocean Grove still has great events in the neighborhood. Check out for some event ideas of things that make you happy.

We also work with the Blue Bay Inn in Atlantic Highlands. This beautifully appointed hotel has an amazing staff, 2 wonderful restaurants to have a great meal or have a great drink. It’s in the middle of the downtown of Atlantic Highlands with a small town feel. There are wonderful coffee shops and cute little boutiques. It truly is a great place to go to unwind. Go here for the town’s event calender but go here for even more detailed info

Make sure to tell them we recommended you!! :-)

If you opt for staying home you can relax with a good book or audible book with soft music (candles would be great here) and think about nothing. Take a bubble bath, have some tea, schedule a spa day.

If you opt for a spa day you can definitely get a well deserved massage. We suggest Island Spa We do not currently work with them but had a great experience there. To use the saunas, naked jacuzzi and lounge they have a weekday entrance fee of $35 (at this time of this writing). On the weekends the price is $40. Children over a certain age are welcome. My daughter and I went and stayed for hours. We tried out the different saunas, relaxed and read magazines in the lounge and enjoyed a light meal and snacks at their refreshment bar.

TIP TWO: Hire help

Even if it’s only for a month hiring a housekeeper, cleaning service, nanny, mover, etc can really help you prepare for the next season without the stress.

Obviously we offer a variety of cleaning services and can assist with almost all cleaning needs. What some of you may not know is we also offer organizing services. We usually do this for private clients by request only. But our goal is to be of service and when in the calm of the storm we see a great opportunity to help you do all the things that get pushed to the back burner and some of the things that are urgent but you just haven’t had the time to do.

Hiring a nanny may seem obvious but if your way to rejuvenate is to hang out with friends it sure would be great to have someone readily available for those last minute let’s hang out calls. One month should do the trick but make sure to keep their number on hand if you like them. Good childcare is a precious commodity.

Let’s talk about hiring a mover. During the summer we host cookouts and sleepovers and book clubs or whatever. Furniture gets moved around, taken out of storage or purchased to accommodate our lovely summer fun activities. Most movers wouldn’t charge that much for a few hours of assistance with re-organizing the house. And this will be a great way to start the new season

I hope these tips are helpful. You can always reach out to us for specific suggestions for your particular needs.

Thank you


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