FREE Delivery Assistance

Box Delivery
COVID-19 Free Delivery Service

Please book deliveries with us at no charge.  

We want to help and telling you to stay safe didn't seem like enough.  We will be delivering to anyone within 30 minutes of the Sayreville, NJ area.  

We will assist with any essential deliveries such as toiletries, food, groceries, medications, business docs, school docs and cleaning supplies.  Please email if your delivery does not fall within this catergory.

to book a delivery


Click the Book It button above to schedule the day and time for your delivery. Makes sure to specify where the pick location will be and what will be getting picked up

Order/Pay for

Order and Pay for  the item that will be picked up with the company you are purchasing from.  Be sure to let them know someone from Trinahty Property Management will be picking up your order and clarify specifically where we should go to pick it up

Text Us

Text or Call us to confirm the order was paid for and will be ready for pick up.  Unfortunately we will not pick it up without your confirmation.

(732) 351-2231


Prep to receive your order.  To be safe we will leave your package on your porch, in your mailbox or ask that someone meet us at the door (only if you are in an apartment or there is an issue with parking).  Once delivered we will text you. Please text us back to let us know you received it.

Please call us if you have any questions.  (732) 351-2231


We know you don't know us and want you to know we just want to help.  We want you to feel comfortable and when you receive good service please leave us feedback so we can share with others

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